About Us

Salika Industry is one of the foremost name in the Sewing Machine products in Pakistan,having long experience of almost 50 years for this field as one of the leading manufactures,under controlled conditions,with continous effort of our skilled and jelled team we are able to deliver highly quality and reliable products to our customers.We have large network across the country which comprises of 12 districts having more then 400 retail dealers all over the country.Our products range include sewing machines,sweing parts,zig-zag embroidery sewing machines,hosiery sewing machines, industrial sewing machines,hardware goods like belf fasteners.

Our head office is situated in Karchi as well as we have several branches situated in Lahore,Multan And Rawalpindi.Salika Industries are acclaimed throught the world for value and its performance.We are proud to say that we are approved with the Pakistan Standards Institution.We have introuduced several products and models till now that have very satisfactory customers feedback.Salika Industries is recognised by the Governament Of Pakistan.